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I don’t know what to mix about!

The Alternate Dimension Project

(Really sorry about the horrible angle, the tiny letters, and the shitty layout. My scanner is fucked.)

Three things led me to this idea; my iTouch getting snatched during an LRT ride, Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist (the book, not the godforsaken film adaptation), and Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.

The Alternate Dimension Project is basically an indefinite span of time where I will turn back from the powerpop I normally listen to and finally listen to the bands “I should be listening to, because they’re the real deal” (Dad, 2013).

I lost my pathetic 2000 song music player a few days back, and I’m finding it uneconomic to re-download all those songs into my backup player. It’s like studying the lesson I already know by heart when the test covers the topics I have no idea how to do. As a somewhat compensation, I’m going to take the chance to listen to other things.

I have absolutely no idea how this is going to go, maybe I’ll do two or three artists per week. I’ll track my progress through type, and I’ll make mixes whenever I deem appropriate.

First two bands are The Cure and Joy Division. We’ll see how this goes.

Built To Crash x Ashley’s Kryptonite
St. Theresa’s College Seniors Night 2014

Great bands. I had one hell of a time shooting, although I had to use my flash towards the end. I’m so sorry, camera gods.

Hires photos here!

Self-imposed Closure: In which I should be studying, and I’m writing this.

We were actually a thing for a good twenty-two months, I spent maybe three months chasing after you, and there wasn’t much closure between us, so I guess this post will have to do.

I hope you don’t hate me after you read this, if you ever do.

Those twenty-two months were great, no doubt about it. You kept me up until six in the morning once, and I wasn’t able to train that day, but I didn’t really care. I was just glad I got to talk to you for so long. That didn’t happen a lot since most of the time you’d fall asleep on me at nine in the evening and my day would end with me sending a good night message. We saw a Tagalog movie once, and I vaguely recall laughing at you because you didn’t know a quarter of the soundtrack. Everyone liked the Eraserheads, you knew like two songs. I don’t know why, but that was cute as hell to me back then. Not everything was great, but I had one hell of a ride with you, negative and positive included. I was head over heels, and we both knew it.

Then some stuff went down a week or so after your birthday, and shit hit the fan. I had no idea what would happen, but I guess that was just me being very much in denial. It took me half a month, a “that didn’t go too well” birthday surprise, two holidays, a whole lot of sleepless nights, and a talk with an administrator before I let everything sink in. I won’t delve into specifics. I sulked to every single heartbreak song and found the corniest, “ew that is so not me” lines applicable. 

I guess not everything works the way you think it’s supposed to, and that’s okay.

And now that I can say I’m actually over everything, I’m writing this. It’s 1:51 in the morning and we’ve got several multiple choice tests tomorrow, and I’m writing this. I’m supposed to be studying to make up for my Chemistry marks, and I’m writing this.

I’m not writing this because I want to get back together, no. I’m writing this to get the closure I so desperately need for myself. This is not me asking you to take me back. This is me letting out what I kept all bottled up for three months.

I know we’re not exactly on the best of terms right now, and that’s alright. Either way, thanks. Thanks for putting up with my excessive usage of capital letters whenever I freaked out over All Time Low. Thanks for not not totally ignoring me (most of the time) whenever I sent you strings of messages because I missed you. Thanks for Clouds, he still sleeps on my bed. Thanks for writing back. Thanks for being the first person I actually liked. Thanks for being my center of gravity for almost two years. 

Thank you, buddy. You meant a lot.

2013 in a nutshell. If you’re in one of these photos, thanks for sticking around this year and making it one of the best. If you’re not and you think you should be, I’m sorry let’s blame tumblr and its 10-photo limit.

In retrospect, I did pretty alright. Don’t know how 2014’s going to fill in these shoes, but I sure hope it does. New year, new photos to tag. Let’s go.

Not-so-clean Slate.

The year’s almost coming to a close so I figured a few pages from my planner would be a decent post.

Paul McCartney or Alex Gaskarth? (hint: it’s Paul) Put that on there because more than eight people from my class had the same planner as me, and I wanted to be different. The signature is from either David or Adam of RadioDriveBy.

First page!

I didn’t exactly make the most of my year. Any suggestions as to something I can write for 2014?

Bandfest week.

This week was horrible. Stress and [things that are not supposed to happen] don’t go well together.

Dark, dark times.

Was a good year concert-wise.

The wrong lyrics are intentional.

Very eventful first week of summer.

Yup, basically.

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First day of break.

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Of muddy shoes and the new One Direction album.

Alternate title: Outbound 2013! It was a pretty fun experience to hang out with my new class with Midnight Memories playing in the background of it all.

Everywhere buddies for the day. They were pretty cool, a bit louder than the usual though.

Have a few photos from the first church we visited.

A national hero died here. The tour guides claimed that if you looked closely, you could see his blood stains. I didn’t know what they were talking about. I have bad eyesight.

I think i was with the wrong section at one point…

Ah, right section again.

I Have Weird Friends ft. Badly Sculpted Thor

This is on here for the mere reason that I look taller than usual. Thanks, jogging pants.

Touchdown second church. The architecture and artistry was amazing in this one.

I’m not quite sure if mister outbound facilitator was trying to take a photo of us or the church.

senti, pare.

Still unsure as to why we have a photo like this in every album I’ve ever posted.

After the churches, we geared up for a jeepney ride and a bit of a trek.

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Screw you this photo took me like six tries. The half-underwater thing was hard to pull off jsyk.

Mandatory “wow mas malinis pa sa kaluluwa ko yung tubig sa Majayjay” photo.

"Ang ganda ng camera mo ah… teka magppicture ako"

You ain’t got nothin’ on this.

That about sums it up. This year was better than I expected.

Anonymous asked: Hi, Zoe!!! I see you in school a lot with your camera and I see it's a CANON EOS 60D, but do you use different lenses for it? Like what?

Hello! Yeah, I use different lenses. My main is a Tamron 18-200. During events with large crowds, I use a Canon 75-300 for backup. I’ve got a Canon 15-85 (first kit lens hehe), a 50mm prime, and a fisheye extension, but I rarely use those.

On certain ‘issues’ and how one class joke evolves into five (or more) walking, crawling, levitating not exactly-jokes.

First of all, I’d like to stress the fact that not everything you’re going to read here is a firsthand experience. Our school community isn’t that large, so stories spread like butter on a hot skillet.

Second, I’m into ghost stories, so the small percent of me that’s actually thrilled that something like this is happening right now is taking control of this entire post. I will not hold back on anything.


My class is 5% genius (Callista, Alyya, etc.) and 95% saltik (a Tagalog slang word for ‘fucked up’) so when we were given the creative control to make five sentence horror stories for English, we decided that it would be cool to name all of the ghosts a certain name (cue ‘Anne’).

A while later, a whole lot of weird shit happens. Not the ‘I’m moving rooms because this is too much to handle’ weird; more of the ‘oohhh, she’s coming to get us, better not leave anyone alone in the room or she might eat you!!’ weird. I’ll bullet ‘em for you.

Weird shit: ‘How did that even get there???” [firsthand]

  • Front-right of the classroom, there’s an AV set.
  • The teachers use a presentation clicker to move slides while walking.
  • The pointer is, so to speak, cheap.
  • By cheap, I mean it’s maybe worth a hundred bucks at CD-R King
  • One day, the piece of plastic that covers the battery pack disappears.
  • All the teachers ask about it,couldn’t find it for a day.
  • The next day, I come to school early ‘cause I missed the bus.
  • Mornings are dull, and I act as if I’ve been buzzed with five sailor mints on normal days.
  • I’m walking around the classroom, then I step on something near the lockers.
  • "…what"
  • "Oh dude, it’s the pointer cap!"
  • I told my friend where I found it.
  • "Funny, my sister used to study in this room, and she said that if anything disappeared, you’d find it under the lockers."

Weird shit: “Nikki, stop singing.” [firsthand]

  • I sit up front, and my buddy Nikki sits behind me.
  • It’s Religion period, and for once, we’re all serious.
  • I hear faint singing behind me, not humming, but I can’t exactly pick up any lyrics.
  • I’m copying notes. Too busy to look behind me, besides, it’s probably Nikki. She likes to sing.
  • Our teacher abruptly stops talking.
  • "Stop singing."
  • I finally look behind me.
  • "Nikki kasi, kung maganda sana boses eh."
  • [Nikki, it would be fine if your voice was nice.]
  • She replies with “I thought it was you.”
  • I don’t think she’s kidding.
  • I ask our teacher where she heard it, and she points to where we sit.
  • My seatmate heard it too.
  • My seatmate thought it was Nikki too.
  • It wasn’t Nikki.

Weird shit: “Zoe stay away from the CPU goddamn it.”

  • It just occured to me that our Religion classes are rather… eventful.
  • It’s post-exam week so we’re very lax, and we’re watching a foreign film.
  • Foreign films mean you have to read subtitles and listen well.
  • I sat on the floor near the CPU where the speakers were, since they aren’t very loud.
  • Like I said before, I act like I’m always on a caffeine high so my classmates don’t trust me to stay put.
  • I’m watching the movie when suddenly the computer shuts down.
  • "Zoe! wag kang malikot!" 
  • I didn’t do anything.
  • I turn it on and we put the file where we last left it.
  • The computer shuts down.
  • "Zoe, ikaw ba talaga yun?"
  • I didn’t do it.
  • I move away from the CPU and my classmates acknowledge the fact.
  • Guess what, yup, it turns off.
  • "Miss, hindi na po si Zoe yun."
  • The teacher doesn’t actually reply and just restarts the movie.
  • We finish, finally.
  • It still shuts down on a regular basis.

Weird shit: “…Why is Aguinaldo upside-down?”

  • I don’t quite… understand this one.
  • I still can’t find an explanation.
  • it’s either Filipino or Social Science period, and Sir flashes a photo of Emilio Aguinaldo on the screen.
  • I take down notes, I look up, and what the fu-
  • Pick up a photo, turn it upside-down.
  • That was what the screen was like.
  • Let’s not forget the fact that it was blinking. Like “TV-without-cable” blinking.
  • I am a mechanic and a technician, so I screw around with the wires a bit, nope, nothing.
  • I call Manong Ed (the school technician) to fix it.
  • While I explain it, he just stares at me like it’s impossible.
  • I take him to to the classroom.
  • The screen… is fixed.
  • It hasn’t happened since.

What sort of sucks is how everybody outside the class that’s read this is bothered to a great extent. This isn’t even the most recent stuff. The new stuff is more exciting- weird scratches, crawling… things, the inability to get something from inside the classroom without hearing laughter, the like.

We’ve filled up two pages of an intermediate pad. I’ll transfer everything here after whenever.